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What is React Native?

React-native is a library created by Facebook that allows you to create mobile applications compatible with IOS and Android. Based on ReactJS, this library allows you to create pages with JavaScript and JSX templates that will be transformed into native components.

Why React Native ?

For your business
  • An iOS and Android application in one development
  • A programming language (Javascript) known by developers
  • A feeling of native application performance
  • Access to all the functions of tablets and smartphones
For developers
  • Open-source libraries for almost everything
  • The ease of including online service plug-ins and APIs
  • An adored framework by the community Javascript
  • Easily scalable code

React Native VS Ionic

At Enyosolutions, we have almost as many React Native apps as Ionic apps. And in our experience, the technologies are not intended for the same projects.
While Ionic is easier to learn and faster to build, React Native apps allow a lot more functionality and better performance. The choice of technology will therefore play a major role in the UX of the application.
React Native will also be more stable and robust over time (less bugs due to the application itself), but will require more maintenance. Compiling and debugging is much more difficult because it is mandatory to go through iOS and Android emulators to test the implementations.
The ecosystem and APIs are also very much alive, which is a good thing to be at the cutting edge of technology and up to date in terms of security. On the other hand, there may be compilation problems which make it difficult to update applications.
Key is the anticipation, indeed, if your staff feels conformtable with Angular and web technologies select Ionic. More and more Wed Developers feel more comfortable with ReactJS, in this case, select React Native.

Your homemade application

We are experts in web and mobile application development and help our clients accelerate the digitalization of their business through efficient and effective solutions.
Take advantage of our know-how, the result of more than 10 years of experience in web and mobile development, to achieve a result that meets your needs.
Our commitment: real-time support, an application delivered quickly and expertise in web & mobile technologies.



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Nous travaillons ensemble pour découvrir les besoins de vos utilisateurs grâce à des méthodes pragmatiques et éprouvées du monde de l'UX. Nous réalisons ensuite les maquettes et le cahier des charges.


Notre équipe multidisciplinaire est auto-gérée et à votre écoute pour créer le MVP parfait afin de vous permettre d'utiliser votre application le plus rapidement possible et de polir le produit final, ce grâce à la flexibilité des méthodes AGILE sur des sprints courts.


Que vous ayez une architecture cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) ou des serveurs internes, nous déployons votre application rapidement à vos utilisateurs. Grâce à nos experts devops, nous assurons la qualité des developpements en continu.

Boucle de feedbacks

Nous collectons les retours de vos utilisateurs pour améliorer votre produit. Vous pourrez ainsi décider des nouvelles fonctionalités de votre application web en vous appuyant sur des besoins réels et ainsi créer une communauté d'utilisateurs fidèles.

Our portfolio

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Update of the intranet and the associated mobile application for the employees of the group. (Wordpress, Ionic) More info

Creation of a mobile game for fidelize the brand's customers by scanning bar codes. (React Native) More

Upgrade of the back-office, flows and statistics of a comparator (NodeJS, ExpressJS) More info

Creation of the real estate portal of the international agency TAMEA and development of an ERP. (Angular 6, Node.js, MongoDB, Silex) More

Creation of the mobile application and a back office allowing daily tasks to be carried out: user management, promotions, billing,.. (React Native, Node.js) More

Development of a business mobile application and its API. (ReactJS) More

Website development for launching the new game “Heroes of the Storm” by Blizzard Entertainment. The Website is full of little details so we invite you to have a look at it. (CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, MySQL, PHP5, Silex) More

Mobile application for calculating the battery required for an electric car to make a predefined journey. (React Native) More

Redesign of the mobile application for top of the line customers. (Ionic) More info

Development of a mobile application which connect pet sitters and pet's owners. (Ionic 4, Firebase) More

Website and back-office developed for Alveus: providers of innovative tutoring solutions. (Wordpress, PHP, MySQL) More

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