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Tamea International

Web Applications


TAMEA International is a real estate agency specialized in high-end properties. For the purposes of optimizing their processes and opening up new businesses, the company wanted a dedicated software package that brings together all the tools necessary for the management of their business.



We did this project with Angular 6, Node.js, MongoDB and Silex.



The project took place in two parts: the initial project which required a project manager, 3 developers and a designer over a year and a half for the development of the ERP, the back office, the portal and the website. The second part consisted of progressive maintenance which required a developer over the following years.

We started by writing the functional specifications with the client during 4 workshops. The project manager transformed the client's needs into technical functionality in a document that served as the basis for the two main applications. The first application being an ERP, the application base was quickly put online so that the different business bricks could be tested by the customer as they developed.

At the end of this development, the TAMEA real estate portal was developed and put online. The graphic design was created by a designer from the Enyosolutions team in workshops with the client.

Progressive maintenance includes bug fixes, functionality adjustments, but also new ERP functions according to the customer's business performance optimization needs. Mention may in particular be made of a system allowing the automatic publication of real estate for sale by TAMEA on public real estate portals and those of their partners, as well as a new public real estate portal open to other agencies.




  • Automation of sales processes
  • Connection to external real estate portals
  • Lead creation and automatic assignments
  • Writing and sending of newsletters and communications campaigns
  • Compatibility
  • Management of partners and their commissions

Back office

  • User management in intranet and extranet
  • Integration of their pre-existing tools (calendars and appointments, to-do lists, emails)
  • Automation of business tasks


  • Real estate portal ( type)


  • TAMEA institutional website
  • Back-office for content management
  • Private real estate portal connected to the ERP (type agency catalog)