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European leader of the Camping comparator, we worked on improving the back-office, flows and statistics for better use of all employees. 



The various projects carried out on behalf of Toocamp have been developed using different technologies such as: Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, PHP, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Machine learning. 



With Toocamp, we have been developing multiple subjects at the heart of their business for several years. This ranges from very technical issues such as importing data via numerous partners (10 million lines to be imported from 400 partners every day in less than an hour), to the implementation of new websites (design, CSS, UX), through search engine optimizations. Among the projects carried out, we can cite the transformation of the site and the back-office in multi languages. De facto, we have improved the imports to manage multi languages and added features to improve the back office.  

We have also created a new back office to manage metadata as well as a homemade import task scheduler (Rabbit MQ style) and a matching algorithm to improve the detection of residences. Finally, we have improved the engine for retrieving customer catalogs as well as the search and publication module. 


  • API  
  • Node.js scheduler 
  • Elasticsearch engine  
  • Matching engine (ML)  
  • Node.js front-end server