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Mobile application


Sowapi is a start-up created in 2019 aiming, via a mobile application, to connect pet owners and pet-sitters.

We supported Sowapi throughout the project development process.



The mobile application was developed using Ionic 4. The web admin platform was made with Firebase.



For this project, our team started by drafting the specifications for the version 1 of the application in collaboration with the client.

Once the specifications were validated, we provided Sowapi with a developer and a project manager from our team to develop the application and its API for locating pet-sitters within a specific geographic radius. The project manager was in direct contact with the client and the developer.

In parallel with the development of the application in ionic, we have also created a web platform with Firebase, which communicates with the application and stores all the data in real time. We have delivered documentation so that the customer can take the management and the modifications of the applications autonomously and without the need of a developer.

We are continually improving the Sowapi app and plan to start the development of a version 2 in the following months which included a payment system, a back office and many new features.



  • API
  • Push notifications
  • Search and matching engine
  • Geolocation