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Mitsubishi Electric

Mobile apps


As part of a commercial operation, we have developed a fun mobile application. Mitsubishi's customers can now scan their brand purchases and try to win freebies (and even a car!).  



The application was made using React Native, Node.JS / Express, Vue.js and Cron. 



We have created a mobile application as well as its API and its back office. The application contains a scanning section which allows installers and distributors to scan products to earn points, as well as an e-commerce component which allows these points to be spent to buy goodies (managed in the back office). 



  • Native React app
  • Barcode Scan (ean 13, QRCode etc.)
  • Mini e-commerce store with product management in the back office (price, quantity, images)
  • Data import cron from Mitsubishi SI
  • Push notifications
  • Geolocation
  • Possibility to activate / deactivate features via the API