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Marie 08/01/2020

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A good developer is not easy to find these days.
You only have to look at the recruitment difficulties of digital companies to realize how rare this type of profile is.

Therefore, it is important to improve in order to keep up and become better.
So how can we consider a developer as good?

Enyosolutions will give you some hints.

Keep an analytical mind:

Computer science is above all a job of analysis and logic.
Reasoning, knowledge of different languages, analytical and problem-solving skills are undeniable assets.
Add to this a lot of practice and you are well on your way to success!

Nevertheless , spirit of analysis is a necessary but insufficient component to be considered a good developer.

Team spirit

A developer rarely works alone on a project.

Of course, he works on his code, and must be able to solve the majority of his problems autonomously.

But in most cases, this code will be part of a project, in which many people are involved (and not only developers).

Developers are affiliated to a team, with all that this implies:

  • Assistance
  • Support
  • Group Problem Solving
  • Integration within the group
  • Conflict resolution
  • Reviews
  • Challenging the work of others

Thus, knowing how to work in a team is an important skill to become a good developer.

Know how to question oneself:

In computer science, things move very fast.

With experience, you of course become better.
However, technological and methodological developments are sometimes dazzling.
You therefore have to accept to question yourself, to let your knowledge and comfort slip away and put yourself in danger.

At the beginning of a developer career, one does not necessarily imagine that the language and methods used will become obsolete a few years later.
But a good developer knows that only through hard work and curiosity can you stay on top.

Keep learning:

IT is a constantly evolving environment, which is why it is necessary to be constantly informed, to consult blogs, documentation, learn the latest technologies and frameworks… All this in order to be up to date and stay at the cutting edge.
It is up to the developer to master the right knowledge to meet the needs of his customers.

At the beginning of its career, one does not necessarily imagine that the language and methods used will become obsolete a few years later.
A good developer knows that only through hard work and curiosity can you stay on top.

web developer learning enyosolutions

Take your time to save time

Rushing into development without thinking can end up costing more time than it saves.

A good developer knows that technical thinking and design are essential to quality code.

At the beginning of your career, don’t hesitate to take your time, to break down the problem and visualize the architecture of the target code.
Over time, this design will become almost mechanical.

When you really think about it, taking your time saves time: whether in the medium term by creating secure, reliable and maintainable code from the first time, or in the long term by developing an analytical mind.

Change your point of view

Technological and methodological evolution are often dazzling, we will have to accept to question ourselves, to let our knowledge and comfort slip away in order to put ourselves in danger.

Whether at a business meeting, a lunch with colleagues or at a conference, a developer should not hesitate to give his vision of things.
But he also has to listen to different points of view.

These exchanges are an excellent way of confronting one’s convictions and possibly changing them.

By putting oneself in the place of the other, by accepting to listen to his or her problems and solutions, one enriches his own experience.

It’s okay to disagree. No one holds a complete and unchangeable truth.


Last and most important: passion

As in any other profession, passion allows to accomplish wonders.

Whether on a technical level, in terms of efficiency, or to pass on knowledge.
If we are passionate about our work, we are able to surpass ourselves and create things we never thought we’d realize.
Doing a job we love is the main driver of excellence.

If you put your heart into your work and are passionate about it, you are able to surpass yourself and create things that are beyond you. Doing a job you love is the main driver of excellence.


I’ve given you a few tips on how to be a better developer.
However, in order to keep up in an environment that is very subject to change, learn to learn.

Methods and technologies are evolving so rapidly that the main challenge is to stay in the loop.

It is at the price of a lot of effort and adaptation that one becomes and remains a good developer!

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