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Web applications are widely used in our daily lives. Both on a personal and professional level, these softwares are everywhere and constitute a real small revolution.

Indeed, the web application not only covers a vast field of application, but has also revolutionized the business model present on the Internet since its creation.

What is a web application?

Unlike a so-called “native” application, the web application does not need to be installed, it runs directly on a browser.

This operation in “cloud computing” allows the centralization of data and universal access from any type of workstation, wherever you are.

The ubiquity of the web has pushed many companies to replace their software with web applications in all areas, becoming the ultimate collaboration tool.

As a result, they have become widely available for both consumer and professional applications.

What are its uses?

These applications are more than just showcase sites, they allow real interaction with the user, and can therefore take many forms.

Examples of web application:

  • Social networking sites
  • Online mapping services
  • Search engines
  • Enterprise resource planning software
  • Spreadsheets and word processing software
  • CRM
  • Online Billing Applications
  • Reservation Managers
  • Instant messaging
  • Etc…

Some of these web applications work on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, i.e. the customer pays a monthly or annual subscription for its use.

They can thus be very adaptable, so they can be made to measure.

A studio like Enyosolutions will be able to develop a solution specifically adapted to the user’s project, which can easily evolve according to new needs.

taylored web application enyosolutions

Advantages of the web application :

  • They run on multiple platforms, regardless of the operating system or device.
  • All users access the same version, eliminating compatibility issues.
  • They are not installed on the hard drive, eliminating space limitations.
  • The risk of hacking is reduced for subscription-based applications (SaaS).
  • They reduce costs for both the company and the end user, as support and maintenance, usually borne by the company, are reduced.
  • The end user’s computer does not require large resources.

Some figures:

  • Pinterest: Users of the application spend 40% more time on it compared to the previous mobile website. Advertising revenues have also increased by 44% and basic commitments by 60%.
  • Flipkart: 60% of customers who had uninstalled their native application returned to use the web application.
  • Lancôme has seen an 84% decrease in the time it takes for the page to be interactive. This led to a 17% increase in the number of conversions, and a 53% increase in the number of mobile sessions on iOS with their web application.

(sources: Forbes)


The web application is characterized by the possibility to edit information and collaborate.
It is therefore different from a “showcase” website, which has as its main objective the presentation and dissemination of information.

The increased use of the Internet by professionals and individuals has influenced the way businesses are run.
Web applications under a SaaS business model offer companies the opportunity to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

At the same time, companies can also call upon a web agency to develop a tailor-made application, unique according to the intended use, and in line with their needs.

Trust the expertise of Enyosolutions to develop your project and benefit from tailor-made tools.

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