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Marie 24/01/2020

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UX design has been in the spotlight for several years.

In marketing it has become an essential subject, yet the notion remains fuzzy for most of us.

Thus, we’re going to clarify this discipline so that it no longer holds any secrets for you!

UX design: What is it?

Excellent question !
The user experience qualifies the feeling of a user when discovering a product and its interface.

It is often confused with UI design (the design of the user interface) because the two notions are close, even though one is complementary to the other.

The UI design, although also very important, only concerns the design of the interface we are going to use: colors, layout, shapes, visuals, etc…

The UX design corresponds to the sensations experienced when using the product.

It is therefore not only focused on the design.
It aims to anticipate users’ expectations, to make the handling more ergonomic, intuitive and easy to use, based on the user’s feeling.

This mixes strategic objectives, technological parameters and design issues.

An example often used to understand the difference between the two notions is that of the cereal bowl :

  • The product is a set of parts: cereals and milk are the consumables.
    The bowl, the milk jug and the spoon are the equipment.
    All these parts are necessary for the product to work.
example produit ux design enyosolutions
  • UI is thus represented by the spoon which makes it possible to interact with the product.
example interface ux design enyosolutions
  • UX therefore corresponds to the whole experiment.
    This includes the way the box is opened, the sound that cereals makes when they fill the bowl, the taste, texture, consistency, the sound when chewing, etc.
    UX also takes into account how it feels to eat cereal and its place in your daily life.
example ux design enyosolutions

Thus, the user experience is not only pragmatic, it implies a cumulative emotional impact to the rational benefit.
The user experience concept is to create a pleasant experience while maintaining the result.

UX design encompasses the entire user experience, it is therefore a multi-disciplinary field.
UX designers come from a variety of backgrounds such as visual design, programming, psychology, interaction design, etc.

It is also a user-centered process, UX designers focus their efforts until they respond in an optimal and relevant way to all user’s problems and needs.

Why is UX design so important?

On the Internet, the “experiences” of users have a predominant importance.
For example, more than 7 out of 10 Internet users will not return to a website if their first experience on it was bad.
And by 2020, UX will surpass price and product as the primary differentiation factor.

In a competitive market, it is therefore essential to offer a positive experience, more than just a product or service.

This notion of experience is all the more important on the Internet because users are increasingly volatile.
It is said that users must understand what is expected of them in less than a second, otherwise we lose them.

Thus, for any website or application, it translates into losses, whether in terms of turnover, product sales, advertising, or referencing.

What is a successful UX?

A product with a good UX design should be :

  • Useful: it should meet a need, and fulfill its function.
  • Usable: it must be accessible, easy to handle, its use must be simple and intuitive.
  • Desirable: the product must make you want it, be attractive, “sexy”.

If the product meets these 3 characteristics, then we are well on our way to offering a perfect user experience.

ketchup example ui ux design enyosolutions
We have here an example of good UX design:
Before, ketchup bottles were shaped like bottles, with a cap on the top of them, only the interface design was given attention.
Since then, the UX arrived and the cap is now at the bottom of the bottle, to facilitate the flow of content and provide a less annoying user experience.

The UX design process:

Here are the key steps for a good implementation of the user experience and its design:

  • Understanding: the needs, the users, define use cases.
  • Ideating: gather ideas, drawing sketches, analyzing competitors.
  • Building: design, create prototypes, define guidelines, implement functionality.
  • Testing: conduct usability tests, create an audit report, identify possible improvements.

It is also important to point out that these steps are not linear, and can be approached in any order.

For example, you are working on a project that already exists, you will therefore need to start with testing phases before designing.

It is common to go from one stage to another, then back to a previous one, and to go back and forth between the different stages until the project is completed.


This fairly recent field has completely rethought the creative process.

Nowadays, when designing a product, one no longer only thinks about the business or functional aspects.
We better understand the end user’s point of view to facilitate his interactions with the products as much as possible.
With Enyosolutions, the user is as a result at the center of the reflection and creation of the product.

You now know a little more about the UX design and its usefulness.

Don’t hesitate to contact Enyosolutions to realize your web project!