Web Developer: How to choose the right one?

Marie 19/12/2019

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It’s not easy to choose a web developer nowadays.

The number of claimants has indeed increased in recent years.
There is no miracle recipe to find a good web developer, it depends on your needs. Here are a few tips to guide your search.

Before the search:

In order to prepare your research, you must already have identified what you want for your project.
A set of terms of reference, or mission statement is therefore necessary, which will help to set out the objectives and priorities of the project.

Examples can be taken from applications of the same type in order to build on the elements that seem relevant to them.

Calculating a budget is also a good way to sort through the bids. It helps to identify the possibilities and limitations of the project.

The offers of agencies or freelancers specialized in website creation are numerous.
It is therefore necessary to identify a service provider according to your needs.

A good web agency should be a partner for your project and not an executor.
It will always know how to accompany and advise you upstream.

Don’t rely on price alone:

The price of the development can vary greatly depending on the specifications.
The type of website, the number of pages, the quality of the design, the specific functionalities… All have an impact on the final price.

It is therefore important to pay attention to the quality/price ratio: a high price does not necessarily guarantee a better quality service, and vice versa for a low price.

We also have to be careful of agencies on the other side of the world.
The standards are not the same for everyone and in case of a dispute it can become very complicated to manage.

A service provider who will be able to help you finalize your specifications and adapt them to your budget thanks to his experience will save you precious time and money.

Communication is essential:

There’s nothing worse than deaf dialogue between a client and his provider.

Your web developer needs to listen to you to make your project progress properly.
You must also provide clear and precise information so that he can understand the ins and outs.

Thus, a clear and simple offer must be identifiable during your exchanges.
The partner web agency is supposed to provide advice, follow-up and support for your project.

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Projects and portfolio :

There are a lot of fields of application for a web application.
Nevertheless, an agency with about ten years of experience may have realized applications similar to your project.
Don’t hesitate to ask for more information if this is the case.

Leafing through your web developer’s portfolio can also give a good idea of his professionalism and expertise according to the clients who trust him.

A large portfolio is not necessarily a sign of good work.
A big web agency with many clients can mean that your project is just a drop in the ocean for them.

Fewer but good quality references from customers who are known to be demanding are a better omen.
This shows that the web developer will put his time to work for you.


Once you have narrowed down your list of candidates, ask yourself what relationship you want to have with the agency that will develop your web application.

Choose the one that is best aligned with your personality, your availability and with whom you can work in a good atmosphere.

It should also be remembered that the development of a web application requires skills and know-how.
It is therefore important to choose your web developer according to his expertise, even if it means paying a higher price. You will earn more in the long run!