React-native is a library created by Facebook, which allows the creation of IOS and Android compatible mobile applications. Based on Reactjs, this library makes it possible to create pages with javascript and JSX templates, which will be transformed into native components.


Benefits to using React-native:

  • The main advantage when using React-native is the ability to code only one application, which will be available on IOS and Android. A cost saving (1 codebase instead of 2), but also time (no need to manage two projects in parallel).
  • Increased performance compared to a hybrid application in Cordova Ionic.
  • Partial reuse of applications in Reactjs.

Disadvantages to use React-native:

  • Relatively complicated handling.
  • More expensive than a Cordova / Ionic application.
  • Compilation and debugging are much more difficult (obligation to go through an emulator).
  • Ecosystem and API are very volatile, so there are problems of compilation and update version recurring.


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